Surgical Grade Air Purification

Our products offer superior air purification through a sophisticated filtration system, high volume airflow capacity, and lower sound levels than any others on the market.

Advanced Air Purification System

  • High Volume Air Flow: The first step in air safety is airflow. To achieve the best indoor air quality in a communal space, it's advised to reach at least three to six air changes per hour. Our system moves up to 24,150 cubic feet an hour.
  • Low Decibel Operation: The sound dampening design allows for almost unnoticeable operation. The volume at low fan speed is barely 30 decibels, the industry's lowest level, and at top speed, only 55 decibels.
  • Easy Maintenance: If operational all day every day, the HEPA-Rx filter and Germicidal UV-C+ bulb are only changed once a year, while the Activated Carbon filter is replaced only two to three times per year.
  • UV-C and HEPA RX Filtration: This is the only portable unit on the market with built-in UV-C technology. Instead of simply filtering out particulates, the kill chamber actually destroys them. Our system uses a 6-stage air purification process. The HEPA Rx ultra-fine particulate filter captures 99.998% of particles that are even smaller than aerosols. Any remaining particles, odors, or viruses are absorbed by a dual-stage carbon filter and destroyed in the kill chamber before then being re-energized back into the air with negative ions.

Guard UV – Portable UV Photomax Air Purifier

  • Self-cleaning - requires no maintenance
  • Compact size: 9" x 9" – 3" high
  • Whisper-quiet fan
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Low power consumption
  • Covers areas up to 800 sq ft
  • Standard 100 VAC outlet
  • Wall mount bracket included

Guard UV – Germicidal Air Purifier

  • 22" and 33" UV lamp models
  • Quiet 67 cfm fan (30 decibels)
  • Energy-efficient; 9,000-hour UV lamp life - over 3-years running 8 hours per day
  • Powerful air movement with 67 cfm fan
  • UV air disinfection is recognized and endorsed by ASHRAE, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
  • Wall mount and bi-directional ceiling fan models; 6' cord is included with an option to hardwire or plug-in

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